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LocknLock Anti-bacterial Black Marble Chopping Board 2P Set CKD009S2


Size: 220x290mm + 260x350mm

  • Product details

Product details

  • 2 different sizes of marble chopping board. 
  • Black cutting board without color inconsistency.
  • There is a groove so it doesn't overflow out of the cutting board.
  • Non-slip pad prevents slipping at both ends of cutting board.
  • Easy to move and easy to organize with handle.
  • Materials: Polypropylene, synthetic rubber.
  • Product size: 220x290mm + 260x350mm
  • Use and Care:
  1. Please use neutral cleaner to clean it after the initial use.
  2. Please do not use hard brush to clean it.
  3. Please do not clean it in the dishwasher or in hot water for a long time.
  4. Please do not keep it nearby fire to avoid deformation.