Pearl Life

Pearl Life cold water pot with safety lock 1.6L

PE HB-6442

Material: AS resin / Polypropylene
Size: width 17.5 x depth 9.5 x height 26 cm
Volume: 1.6L

  • Product details

Product details

●Capacity: 1.6L

●Size: (approx.) width 17.5 x depth 9.5 x height 26 cm

●Weight: (approx.) 0.34kg



Body = AS resin : -20~100C

lid = polypropylene : -20~100C

Made in Japan


🍶Unlock and pour with one touch!

🍶Cool blow cold water pot can be placed vertically or horizontally!

🍶It's the perfect size to fit in your fridge door.

🍶The handle makes it easy to hold and pour.

🍶The wide mouth makes it easy to clean.



🍶For cold drinks only

🍶Never put hot water in it

🍶If you place it horizontally, make sure the lid is securely closed and the stopper is locked.

🍶Do not use in the dishwasher.