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Lock & Lock

Lock & Lock Bisfree Fridge Door Jug 1.7L ABF734


Material: Tritan
Size: 190x100x215mm
Volume: 1.7L

  • Product details

Product details

  • BPA free, Safe material

  • Refrigerator door pocket sized 

  • Easy to use handle and two-sided lid

  • Easy to wash with wide mouth.

Use & Care
* Avoid sudden shocks.
* Keep away from fire.
* Do not use abrasive cleaners or scrubbers.

Microwave and Freezer Use & Care
* Do not microwave empty containers.
* Be sure to open the lid when microwaving. Use it only for heating up foods high in fatsoils as containers can be stained or deformed.
* When microwaving foods low in water, do not heat it for more than 2 min.
* After keeping it in freezer for a long time, the hinges can break if opened immediately. Wait 1~2 minutes and open it.
* Keeping carbonated drink or fermented food for a long time can deteriorate its air tightness.