Pearl Life

Pearl Life Simplice Chopper, Grater, Slicer and Julienne Set C-1065

PE C-1065

Size: Outer ∅125x95(h)mm (Approx.)

  • Product details

Product details

Product details of Pearl Life Simplice Chopper, Grater, Slicer and Julienne Set

  • Set Contents: Chopper, plate base, safety holder, grating plate, slicing plate, shredding plate, claw cutting plate, julienne plate.
  • Compact size and multi-function! Chopper & Grater, Slicer, Julienne Set.
  • A convenient set that can be used from mincing to grate, slicing and julienning.
  • Preparation of ingredients is easy. Perfect for quick cooking.
  • The chopper can be adjusted with the number of pulls.
  • Freely sized!

    Estimate: 10 times...
    For frying salads and vegetables. 15 times...
    For serving soup and fried rice. 25 times...
    For dressings, guyza, and hamburger seeds.
    If you cut 1/2 of carrot into a 0.8 inch (2 cm) square.

    Safety holder included. Lid, handle, container, cutter, non-slip.

    How to use chopper (Please check the precautions on the package before using.)
    1. Set the cutter blade in the container.
    2. Put ingredients into the container.
    3. Close the lid.
    4. Pull the handle and chop.
    5. Take out the ingredients.
  • Note:
    When inserting ingredients, please make sure that the container is less than half of the container. Also, please cut the ingredients small. Lid cannot be disassembled. Do not soak the lid. Please avoid using a dish washer or dryer.
  • Product size (approximately):
    Outer ∅125x95(h)mm (when using chopper);
    140(W)x175(D)x85(H)mm (When plate base is set) (Not including safety holder);
    Safety holder: 85(W)x75(D)×40(H)mm.
  • Material: Slicer:
    Container: Polystyrene (-20℃ to 80℃);
    Lid: Polypropylene (-20℃ to 90℃);
    Handle/safety holder: ABS resin (-20℃ to 80℃);
    Lid axis: Polyacetal (-20℃ to 90℃);
    Cutter axis: Polyethylene (-20℃ to 90℃);
    Plate / Plate base: Polystyrene (-20℃ to 70℃);
    Non-slip: Thermoplastic elastomer (-20℃ to 70℃)
    Cutter: stainless steel.