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Pearl Life

Pearl Life Ice Tray with Lid 4pcs

PE H-5247

Material: Polypropylene(PP)
Size: 90 x 265 x 65(H)mm

  • Product details

Product details

  • Makes extra thick stick-type ice cubes perfect for tabletop pots and airpots.
  • Perfect for large capacity stainless steel bottles and sports jugs.
  • 4 extra-thick ice sticks of 11 x 3 x 3.5 cm can be made.
  • The ice is large, so it does not melt easily.
  • With a lid, it does not smell and can be stacked.
  • Do not use dishwasher.
  • Can be used effectively in narrow freezer space.
  • Product size (approx.): Width 90 x Depth 265 x Height 65mm.
  • Body/Lid: Polypropylene.