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Pearl Life

Pearl Life Chopper Quickly Super Speed 1.4L (C-14)

PE C-14

Size: ∅165x215(h)mm.
Volume: 1.4L

  • Product details

Product details

The blade rotates to chop the vegetables. Anyone can easily and quickly put vegetables, garlic, peppers, ginger, fruits...etc

Effort-saving design of wild vegetable chopper.

The handle turns one circle and the blade turns five circles. One rotation of the handle rotates the stainless steel cutter five times!

A good helper to easily prepare food.

There is an oil pouring port on the top cover. With an oil spout that is convenient when making dressings that can adjust the coarseness by speed and number of rotations according to the type of cooking.

After the opening is opened, the seasoning can be poured directly, so that it can be chopped and mixed with seasoning.


Made in Japan quality assured.

Size: ∅165x215(h)mm.

Capacity: 1.4L.

Material: Handle・ Lid / ABS resin (up to 70℃), joint shaft gear / polyacetal (up to 120℃), container / AS resin (up to 80℃), cap / polyethylene (up to 70℃), cutter / stainless steel , Non-slip/synthetic rubber.