Kokubo Dr. Mini Universal Brush With Chibi Brush KK-2634


Size: 190x60x20(h)mm
Barcode: 4956810226344

  • Product details

Product details

  • Cleaning brush that is convenient for dirt in small gaps and sash grooves.
  • Removes dirt such as tile joints and door gaps quickly with a scissor- cut brush.
  • Comes with a small brush that is convenient for fine gaps.
  • Chibi brush can be stored in the main body.
  • Excellent products that make a big success in various scenes such as kitchens, bathrooms, and toilets.
  • Body and universal brush are made of PP materials.
  • Mini brush is made of nylon.
  • Product size: 190x60x20(h)mm
  • Packaging size: 250x100x25(h)mm