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[SPECIAL DEALS] LocknLock Classic Food Containers 8P Set with Brown Box


  • Product details

Product details


1 x  LocknLock Classic Food Containers 8P Set with Brown Box HPL826SP8-01

  • Consists of 6 different sizes of 8 containers.
  • The set includes:-
    • HPL850*2/420ml/121x121x60mm;
    • HPL811*2/600ml/151x108x69mm;
    • HPL851/680ml/121x121x87mm;
    • HPL815D/1.1L/181x128x88mm;
    • HPL818/1.9L/205x134x118mm;
    • HPL826/2.6L/248x180x93mm.
  • Airtight and liquid tight containers.
  • Container lock tightly to keep refrigerator odor out and keep food fresh.
  • Good for storing various leftovers, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Refrigerator, freezer and microwave safe.
  • BPA free.


FREE 1 x  LocknLock Interlock Food Containers 5P Set

  • Consists of 3 different sizes of 5 containers.
  • The set includes INL401*2/620ml/Ø107x102mm;
  • INL402*2/1.3L/Ø107x185mm;
  • INL403/2.1L/Ø107x277mm.
  • The Lock & Lock Interlock Container provides you with the perfect storage solutions to store and save food items.
  • The container has a unique interlocking system that allows you to stably stack the containers.
  • The interlocking container has a screw-type lid and the base of the container has a unique design that allows you to interlock the base of the container to the lid.
  • Interlocking the containers provides you with a compact storage solution.
  • The containers are BPA free and transparent making it easy to organise your pantry, fridge and home.
  • The container has a space saving shape design.
  • Not recommended for the dishwasher or microwave.