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[SPECIAL DEALS] LocknLock Oh!Range Food Containers 5P Set

LMW101S5/ CAF2010

  • Product details

Product details


  • Oh!Range Microwave Food Containers Set
  • Easy to check the cooking condition without opening because it is a transparent lid.
  • Steam hole prevents the food from drying out and adjust the amount of moisture to make the dish more moist.
  • Microwave safe and dishwasher safe.
  • BPA free
  • Consists of 5 containers
    • 1 x LocknLock Food Container with Steam Hole and Handle 1.0L - Orange
    • Easy carry with handle
    • Size: 202x174x105(h)mm
    • 1 x LocknLock Rice Bowl Food Container with Steam Hole 1.1L - Orange
    • Size: 220x155x85(h)mm
    • 1x LocknLock Ramen Food Container with Steam Hole 1.1L - Orange
    • Size: 202x178x90(h)mm
    • 1 x LocknLock Steaming Food Container with Steam Hole and Steamer Basket 2.4L - Orange
    • Contain steamer basket for you to steam the foods when put inside the microwave
    • Size: 216x216x112(h)mm
    • 1 x LocknLock Food Container with Steam Hole and Divider 1.3L - Orange
    •  Divider included for you to separate the foods.
    •  Size: 216x216x112(h)mm



  • Non-stick coating that does not stick easily when cooking.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Comfortable grip on the handle.
  • Light weight, lessen the burden on wrist.
  • There are no seams inside which without worry about food jamming.
  • Create modern and clean kitchen with a handy frying pan.
  • Available for Gas, Electric, Ceramic, High Light, and Induction.
  • PFOA free and PFOS free.
  • Materials: Aluminium, Bakelite.
  • Product size: Ø200mm.
  • Use and Care:
  1. Please avoid abrasive cleaning products such as abrasive sponges and steel wool pads.
  2. Please wash the product after cooling down.
  3. Please keep its handle away from direct fire.
  4. Please do not use it in microwave, dishwasher.
  5. Please clean sponge and neutral detergent before first using.
  6. When tighten screw on the handle up when the screw is loosen.