Kokubo Plastic Canned Tuna Spoon 18.5cm White KK-415


Material: PP
Size: 185x30x18(h)mm
Barcode: 4956810804085

  • Product details

Product details

  • The spoon's design is a perfect fit for the curved shape of a tin.
  • Removes excess oil from tinned tuna for healthy cooking.
  • Scoops tuna from the tin while draining away the oil.
  • Allows you to get every morsel of tuna from a tin.
  • Great for extracting the contents of food pouches with a clip.
  • Use the tip of the spoon handle to slide under the pull tab and easily pull it open.
  • Made of PP materials.
  • BPA free.
  • Product size: 185x30x18(h)mm
  • Packaging size: 240x80x20(h)mm